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The quality of the interim managers (* siehe Imprint) in our network is the cornerstone of our corporate success. We are therefore seeking to establish contact with individuals who look back on a career in which they have already proven that they are willing and able to provide cutting-edge performance. Potential candidates must also be characterized by the ability to perform well and enjoy working on projects and possess the skills to interact with people at all levels of the organization. It would be a definite advantage if you have already worked as an interim manager, but this is not necessarily a requirement.

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» Interesting projects
We are in constant exchange with our network partners on interesting projects. In 2019, for example, we contacted around 1,400 interim managers registered with us and spoke to them specifically about customer inquiries regarding their fit, availability and fees.

» Market information / daily rates in interim management
Interim managers registered with us, have the exclusive opportunity (in addition to the information provided in the public section of our homepage) to research the daily rates** – based on various criteria – actually achieved over the course of the past last three years (2017 - 2019), which serves as a valuable source of information for benchmarking their own fee expectations in contract negotiations. The data is based on the information provided by some 2,800 interim managers who have provided details of the projects they have completed in our annual surveys of the interim management market in the German-speaking (D-A-CH) region.

(**The section "Daily rates in Interim Management" is still under construction. We are working on providing a quick solution. Until then, if you are looking for a specific daily rate, just send an e-mail to Corina Hoch.)

» What does an interim manager earn?

» These are the types of projects where we received the most project requests between 2015 and 2019

Heuse Interim is predominantly active in Germany, but has also successfully carried out projects in Europe (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, England, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland), Middle East (Dubai), America (USA, Brazil) and Asia (India).

If you are interested in being approached for corresponding projects in the future, you can register here via our portal.

Reference projects & case studie

Excerpts from our success story.
Take a look at an overview of the projects we have successfully carried out with our interim managers in recent years.

Reference projects

Recruitment process

The recruitment process

As soon as we have received or acquired a qualified project inquiry, we will contact potential candidates from our network. You will be given detailed information about the project, we will jointly determine the requirements and transparently discuss the given framework conditions.

Your profile will only be passed on to our client once these points have been clarified and you have given us your consent. If an interview is held at the customer's premises, we will accompany you and keep you updated on the further progress of the project.


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Letter of Interest

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The contract

If the order is placed, we will conclude two contracts, one with you and one back-to-back contract with our client. The contract with you contains the following details:

  • Definition of the tasks
  • Agreed reporting channels
  • Time scope of the mandate: Intensity of deployment 
  • Termination and extension options 
  • Fees and expenses
  • Liability and confidentiality

We will liaise with you and the client throughout the entire duration of the project and accompany the project in the context of our contract controlling.

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